Europe & UK Transmedia Speaking Tour – October 2015

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I announced on social media a couple of months back that I’ll be flying to Germany this October to do a lecture on transmedia, but I’ve set up a few more speaking engagements while I’m there, so I thought I’d take a minute to let everyone know about those in more detail:

For starters, I’m incredibly honored to be an official guest of the B3 Biennale in Frankfurt, Germany. In recognition of my achievement with “Enter the Lodge,” the conference invited me to teach a master class on social media storytelling. The 2015 B3 is October 7th through 11th in Frankfurt. I’ll be appearing on panel about transmedia storytelling at 10 a.m. on Saturday, October 10th, and my master class on social media storytelling will be right after, at 11:30 a.m.

On that same trip, I’ll be speaking at Connie Veugen’s transmedia class at VU University in Amsterdam. A couple of years back, I learned that every year, Professor Veugen gives her students a list of transmedia projects on which they can do case studies. For the past three years, a group has done a deep dive on “Fury of Solace.” Two years ago, one of those students reached out to me online, and we wound up having a great deal of correspondence, culminating in me Skyping into her class. It’s been rewarding to learn that, though not that many people saw “Fury of Solace,” people who are interested in transmedia are holding it up as an important piece of work! I gather, also, that this past year, one group did a study on “Fury of Solace” and another did “New Peter and Wendy,” so I’m very excited to talk to this new batch of students about those projects and more!

And my Europe trip culminates in London on October 17th where I’ll be speaking at Robert Pratten’s Conducttr Conference. While my talk for the B3 will be focused on the history and theory behind social media storytelling, the Conductrr Conference emphasizes the how-to aspects of transmedia storytelling, so that lecture will be a lot more about process. If any of you readers are attending either of these conferences, or plan to be in Frankfurt or London this October, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter and maybe we’ll have a chance to meet up.

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