“The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy” was a modern-day update of J.M. Barrie’s classic “Peter Pan.” As Transmedia Producer for the series, it was my responsibility to play all of the characters online, and to work closely with the show’s writer and producers to weave an integrated cross-platform narrative. We also nurtured a vibrant community of fans who created roleplay Twitter accounts for their own characters that lived in Neverland, Ohio, the fictional town in which the series was set. Part of my job was to shepherd that roleplay community and integrate them into the “New Peter and Wendy” story world. Here’s a link to our in-world transmedia hub, the website for Neverland’s local newspaper, The Kensington Chronicle.

We won the 2015 International Academy of Web Television Award for Best Transmedia Experience for our first season, and the third and final season wrapped up in April of 2017. The above video is the “For Your Consideration” video we created when we submitted the series for 2015 IAWTV Awards Best Transmedia Experience category.